dennis and shae…married

As most of you know last September my daughter Shae got married! Many of you had asked about that big day and that has meant so much to me!! It was beyond beautiful ( and crazy hot with not a single cloud in the sky!!) and I believe all that Shae had hoped for. I have tried to write this blog a couple times and it just isn’t easy. We love Dennis!! We love how he loves and respects Shae. We love how they smile and laugh when they are together. This life they are building is a good one and that is what parents hope for! It was a blurry day for me in a lot of ways but many moments that happened I hope to never forget. Watching my husband walk down a long walk way with Shae is a vision no photograph could capture with the emotion I was feeling. How he has loved her, helped raise her, guided her, mentored her, all those feelings came rushing through me as I watched the two of them walk together.  It is hard for me to put into words how I feel about my daughter Shae. The feelings of how she saved my life, how she gave me an identity I was struggling to find, how her life made me strive to be the absolute best I could be so I could provide and make a better life for her. Yes, she was the rock I needed all the years I was a single mom.

As I watch her now be a wife and someday have a family of her own, I could not be more proud! Enjoy the few images of her wedding day. I wish I could write more and share more…..sometimes there are not the right words to explain the love you have for another person, how proud you are of them, and just what they mean to you!






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