grateful for changes….

There have been many changes you all have seen in the last five years. Five logos, five websites, a few price changes…it is kind of humerous really at times. I’m not crazy and I’m not bored and I’m not one that needs to change things up all the time. In fact I am very much the opposite. My journey to where I am today with Life Prints by Nadine is a humbling one and a journey I am endlessly grateful for! All of the changes have been one step closer to where I am right now!! I do at times wish I had not needed to go through all the changes but with each change has come more strength within me, within the business, and that is nothing short of good!

The end of last season for Life Prints by Nadine was one that could not come soon enough. Although I was blessed with 135 families (many I saw more than once), 18 weddings, and 24 senior high kids, all in seven months of time, I was beyond exhausted, frustrated, and in a place I did not like with the business and reflection it gave. Through all this I went through a branding nightmare, website change that I did not like, and stuck with a brand I could not identify with. I wanted so much more for clients but did not know what that was and how to acheive it. When the season ended in December I stepped away from my camera and computer for a month before I started to peel back some layers and start figuring out what needed to change.

The best thing I did to start a change was get a mentor. The eight weeks spending with her and the in between time has revealed much for me as a business woman and as a person! Holli True of Holli True Photography  is a woman who knows a lot, has been through a lot, and was an open book for me, and has done more for me than I could ever truly let her know! In digging through my business, helping me find the disconnect, finding what I really like, what I want to acheive has given me the excitement and confidence that I was slowly loosing! Yes, you see another new website and yes, you see another new logo for Life Prints by Nadine but I am finally…..finally in love with the branding, website, and all that it represents!

I know there will be some that I will not see again and yes that makes me sad, it truly does! I know I cannot serve everyone and I am not a good fit for everyone. I also give much with each session!! Yes, prices increased- alot! I am aware some of you will have something to say about that. Again, I give a lot! Please, take some time to look around, look at the galleries and  look at the details. Photographs are a blessing to give and something I take pride in! Your investment with me is one that you won’t regreat and I hope those of you that have been with me for so many seasons will agree and dispite some changes, I will see you again!

Thank you to everyone for all the support you have given and even now give. I make changes, dig deep, educate myself, all to make the photographs and the sessions so much better for you…because I care so much!

I always want my family to be proud and  I want to be such an example to my girls. My girls and my husband are my rock and for that I am so grateful for photos like this. Their smiles that allow me to keep going and keep working hard!


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